House Rules

  1. Virtuosity is King.
  2. Leave your Ego at the door, scaling will actually make it harder!! 
  3. Arrive early and stay late, but don’t interrupt the classes.  
  4. If you think/say you can’t, you never will!
  5. Put your shit away/leave it like you found it. 
  6. Chalk is good but a pain in our asses, be courteous and NO liquid chalk  
  7. Integrity Rules - we have cameras! And cheaters just suck!  
  8. Cheerfulness in the face of Adversity, Thanks Commandos.
  9. Sign up for the WOD early, and pay your bills.
  10. Do not sign up for multiple classes in one evening.
  11. We know shit happens but it doesn’t happen all the time! So keep late cancels to a minimum, please.  
  12. Read the articles on CrossFit.com!  
  13. No food or drinks other than water in the kids room - If there's no Kids Class, Kids need to be in the kids room or watching a movie. 
  14. Introduce yourself to the new members!
  15. Don’t drop empty barbells. We work hard to keep improving the Box, respect our equipment.  
  16. Take care of your RCFN family, in the box and out.
  17. Accidents happen.
  18. CrossFit is a lifelong journey.
  19. Be involved.
  20. No one WODs alone or finishes alone, when you are finished help others by cheering them on!
  21. Payment is obligatory on a monthly basis unless you tell us you will want us to stop it. Not showing up is not enough, you must notify us in writing that you will no longer attend.
  22. If there is a wait list and you are not on time, you will be bumped from the class! 
  23. We make the WODs, if you don’t like them don’t come :) 
  24. You come here to be coached not to be the coach! Don‘t make up for bad movement by trying to make others think you know what you are doing. 
  25. Beyond The WhiteBoard (BTWB) access is available for 3 Euro per/month.
  26. The Oly room is for everybody! 

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